Art Bodega Magazine

Editorial Calendar

Every magazine will feature a specific theme based on today’s needs.


January – February

“The Power Issue 2015”
Get ready for our special Power Guide on people, shops, fashion, beauty and more. We are including a special calendar section for the new events coming during the Spring of 2o15.

June – July

“Summer Special” Issue
The Summer is around the corner and knowing where to shop for these special times is a challenge. What specials to look out for is ideal for these times.



“The Power” Issue
From Philanthropists to Business People, “The Power Issue” talks about individuals who have made a difference in New York City, Palm Beach and Miami. It also shows past events in the Fall including new perfume launches, sailing events, store openings and more .

April– June

“Fashion & Culture” Issue
Events in Miami, Palm Beach and Manhattan, the talk of the town, who will get elected in the next local political scene and much more of the culture that has made us fall in love with politics in this issue of Art Bodega.


“The Travel and Luxury” Issue
In this issue we’ll show you some great fashion designers, contemporary artists and more interviews with celebrities. Our cover includes a fashion or beauty icon. Also don’t miss the schedule of summer events and much more.

October – December

“The Best of 2014” Issue
Traveling is our most delicious passion when it comes to dreaming of great experiences and adventures. Getting that postcard from friends doesn’t have to be the only way to travel to faraway lands. Resorts, booking trips and special tours are better offered in our travel guide.